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We have spent a great weekend out wandering in the “Bohemian Switzerland National Park, The Elbe Sandstones”. We started our tour in Hrensko where the river Kamenice runs into the Elbe. It’s Saturday morning 8 a.m. and we are on our way to the Pravčice Gate. From there we continued our tour down to Mezni Louka and into the Kamenice Gorge. The hike was about 17 km and 6 hours with good brakes on the way, beautiful views, and amazing impressions.


Bohemian Switzerland National Park – The Elbe Sandstones



Bohemian Switzerland National Park


2015_10_17_BöhmischeSchweiz_StefanGraef_1742015_10_17_BöhmischeSchweiz_StefanGraef_Hasselblad_02_102015_10_17_BöhmischeSchweiz_StefanGraef_Hasselblad_02_01 2015_10_17_BöhmischeSchweiz_StefanGraef_0602015_10_17_BöhmischeSchweiz_StefanGraef_0802015_10_17_BöhmischeSchweiz_StefanGraef_0662015_10_17_BöhmischeSchweiz_StefanGraef_0372015_10_17_BöhmischeSchweiz_StefanGraef_1562015_10_17_BöhmischeSchweiz_StefanGraef_0252015_10_17_BöhmischeSchweiz_StefanGraef_2052015_10_17_BöhmischeSchweiz_StefanGraef_2882015_10_17_BöhmischeSchweiz_StefanGraef_1962015_10_17_BöhmischeSchweiz_StefanGraef_2252015_10_17_BöhmischeSchweiz_StefanGraef_2992015_10_17_BöhmischeSchweiz_StefanGraef_2802015_10_17_BöhmischeSchweiz_StefanGraef_307 







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  1. Spectacular! What a beautiful place. You have captured it so magnificently in the photographs. Keep up the great expressions of what you see.

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