A Weekend in Prerow, Fischland-Darß   

A longer weekend was in front of us and there was no doubt on how to spend 5 days with beautiful weather. We didn’t want to drive far so we decided to pack our hiking and camera gear and drove 3 hours up to the peninsula of Fischland-Darß.





We found a nice campground http://www.regenbogen.ag/ferienanlagen/prerow/anlage.html in the woods right in the back of a beautiful long, white beach. It’s great as long as you go off-season in spring or autumn. Space for motor homes is not that big but there are a lot of campers in the dunes right on the beach, especially in summer. Important to know is that the campground is surrounded with forest and little ponds, a swampy area in the woods, which in summer times is the place for mosquitoes.   So bring your mosquito tents, candles, and spray!


Prerow it self is a small town with nice restaurants, cafes, and sure has places for your grocery shopping. It’s a nice place to rest and to have a fish sandwich but don’t miss the colourful, ornate Darss style house doors.

Until the end of the 19th century, Prerow was just a seaside village, home to peasants, fishermen and sailors. The first tourist came in 1854. The name Prerow has Slavic origins; the Slavic word prerova refers to a ditch or an opening, such as out to the sea.

The small village went through floods, pirate raids, and times of serious privation. It was under Swedish rule and later under Danish rule. In the heyday of seafaring, up to one hundred ship’s captains were based out of small Prerow.


The surrounding area is beautiful and invites you for long walks a long the beaches or through the ancient Darß forest. It’s a Fairy-Tale Landscape. 36 trails are marked to explore this unspoiled bit of nature. Bring your camera and take amazing pictures of washed out wood and trees along the coastline. The coastal winds shape the pines and they grow as sculptures.

A 50 km network of hiking, biking, riding and carriage trails runs through the 4,700-hectare forest. The forest also has two oak towers that reward the climb with extensive views into the distance.

IMG_4319 IMG_4327


Darßer Naturfilmfestival

The beauty of nature invites once every year nature lovers, filmmakers, and documentary fans to the Darßer Naturfilmfestival. It is a competition for the Golden Crane, the German Nature Film Prize. Fourteen films, cinema and television productions are nominated each year for the German Nature Film Prize.

The festival is accompanied with workshops, discussions and excursions to the national park. The “CAMäleon” prize is given to filmmakers between the ages of 12 and 18 in cooperation with the Heinz Sielmann Foundation.





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