The island Fehmarn was our next destination. We wanted to rest on the beach and just watch the surfer scene. And yes, we were lucky to see some great kite and windsurfer.

We crossed the Fehmarnsund Bridge with 963 m. The wind vane on the side of the road showed that we will have wind and oh yes it was windy. We could feel it in our camper van. But we made it and had a fantastic view onto Fehmarn with all the yellow canola fields that bloom in May.


We followed the smaller roads through various small and nice towns like Lemkenhafen with its marina; the church in Petersdorf; Burg; and the marina in Orth. It’s a nice tour.

We camped at a nature campsite right outside a main campground. It was a great spot right on the beach with a fantastic view, a hot spot of the surfer scene on Fehmarn. It can get tight when the wind is good but great people, and a very lively scene.


Just sit on the beach and watch the kite and windsurfers. Or take a walk around the northwestern bay a long the beach with no people and just nature. We prepared some sandwiches, brought tea and fruits, a blanket and spent an entire day in this beautiful, quite area.

We had a wonderful time at Fehmarn meeting really nice people and made new friends. We played boccia by the beach and later our neighbors joint in for a couple bottles of beer and playing the guitar.

The next evening we had a campfire with BBQ on the beach. See also our post “campfire”. It was a great atmosphere.

We prepared eggplant, zucchini, red pepper, and onions on sticks and put them on the cooking grate. The potatoes, tomatoes, with onions and garlic were fried with some olive oil in a pan, right on the glow.

Fehmarn we will be back!


BBQ on a campfire

You can find great recipes on the web for BBQ if you are vegetarian or vegan.

The team from KRAUTKOPF offers a great website with wonderful recipes.

The Café am Hafen in Orth is a good stop for a nice breakfast or for tea and coffee with delicious cake.

The Aalhus in Landkirchen. It’s an old timbered house, cosy and old with a great atmosphere and a beer garden where they offer a range of dishes from the BBQ. The fish soup is great, or taste some eel if you have never tried it before. It’s an experience. You will definitely get fresh fish from the Baltic Sea.   The Aalhus


Altenteil 21, Fehmarn:

Dogs allowed? YES

Our dog loved it. He was right on the beach when leaving the caravan in the morning. Sure he got up early and wanted to play all day.

The campground offers a smaller site and a larger site. The smaller one is a nature campsite and right before you enter the main ground.

The Campground offers power supply on both of the sites. At the main site you will find very good sanitary facilities, places with sinks to clean your dishes, a fresh water station, and a facility for waste disposal.



Links and sites to visit in the region

Meereszentrum Fehmarn:
Ostsee Aquarium:
Ocean tower:
Museum for sea rescue:
Submarine museum:
Fish from fisher boats:
Butterfly park:



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