How to build a Campfire

Often on our trips and hikes we are having a nice campfire.  We just had a very nice one with friends on the beach on Fehmarn. And one on New Years Eve at -18C. Yes, this fire really helped to warm up.  Check our post on Masuria.   However, lots of our friends have been asking us on how to do a good campfire and what’s needed.  Most of people thing … Ja ja .. easy … We just collect some wood, put some lighter fluid on and BOOM …   O.k. We are real outdoor guys. Let’s do it the old way.

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What do you need?

  • Rules!  Before building your campfire ask or check local sites, maybe of this national park, if it is permitted to have campfires.
  • A safe place! Important! You do need a safe place for your campfire.  Be sure that you are away from bushes or trees that could burn! You don’t want that the fire spreads out into a forest, or burns the nearby campsite, and soon an army of fire fighters are visiting you with a plane and big trucks.
  • Water! Make sure that you have a bugged of water close to you to put out the fire when you are done.
  • Wood!  Collect wood that is dry.  You will need tinder, kindling, and logs.  Often you can buy a stack of logs on the road. I suggest to always carrying some wood wool with you in your van or backpack. You can buy small packages in outdoor shops.
  • We think that you don’t need any lighter fluid or grain alcohol. It’s dangerous and you don’t want your food with a funny taste. And honestly it’s much cooler to light your fire in the old way.


What’s next?

  • Build a small pit for your fire.  Dig a small hole in the sand and surround it with rocks. This keeps the fire from spreading and you can later place your grill on top of the rocks.
  • Now put some of that small tinder into the centre.  These are the small sticks, and leaves, or wood wool that you have in your van. Put the kindling on top – not too much in the beginning.
  • Make sure to take a picture when using the axe to size the logs in smaller kindling’s.  This is good for your facebook profile and blog.
  • Light the fire now with your matches! Start with the tinder in different places.  Don’t worry and take your time. Slowly add more tinder and Kindling as the fire burns. And blow the fire until it gets bigger.
  • You can now add bigger logs and build a nice structure around your fire pit and rocks.  Don’t put all your wood into the fire at once.  Take your time.  The fire will get bigger.
  • BBQ!  You can now put the grill on top of the rocks when the first pile of wood burned down and turns into hot ember.  It’s time for your BBQ!
  • When done with your BBQ, add more logs to the downwind side of the fire, and enjoy your campfire with your friends.
  • Make sure to put the fire out when done by using the bugged of water and sand from the beach.


IMPORTANT!   Please, collect all your garbage when leaving.  We see so many people that leave their garbage behind.  We all should take care of our environment.

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  1. […] next evening we had a campfire with BBQ on the beach. See also our post “campfire”. It was a great […]

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  2. An Outcast Wayfarer 15. September 2016 at 12:45

    I will share this with my best friends, last year we tried to do this, but we miserably failed!



    1. you should … its so much fun.



  3. […] next evening we had a campfire with BBQ on the beach. See also our post “campfire”. It was a great […]



  4. Genau die richtige Gute-Nacht-Geschichte! In zwei Wochen startet unser Zelturlaub und Mini-Roadtrip. Bin mit Lagerfeuerstimmung nun in maximale Vorfreude versetzt. Merci!

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      1. So ist es! Und größtes Abenteuer für meine Kinder!

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