You should read this post. Its a great article with very good advice to keep your camper safe.

Avoiding Normal

You spent all your hard earned cash on building or buying your campervan and filled it with your worldly possessions but just how can you make sure your new home on wheels is as safe as possible?

It’s a question I’m asked often and a worry that keeps people up at night when they are planning their dream adventure. You can’t guarantee you will never have any problems but you CAN do a lot to ensure both your home and its contents are as safe as possible.

I’ve just published an article sharing the best tips and advice I’ve learnt from my five years of being on the road. Have a read, I guarantee there are ideas in here you haven’t thought of. Just click the image below to be taken straight to the article or search on the Article’s page above.


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Two globetrotter, travel freaks, big-hearted adventurer and nomads. We write about our road trips with our camper van, our adventures, hikes, and city escapes. We want to explore life and discover new destinations, while connecting with interesting people. We travel with our dog and always have our cameras with us. We love cooking and slow food.

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