Category: ROAD TRIPS

Ückeritz – Usedom and great white empty beaches

Ückeritz, Usedom and great white empty beaches. a road trip to Usedom with our camper van or RV. places near by Zinnowitz, Peenestrom, Stettin, and a vegan BBQ


Fehmarn – watching the kite and windsurfers

Fehmarn, watching the kite and windsurfers. a road trip with camper van or RV. a campfire and BBQ, wind surfer and kite surfer,

Tideland – the Wadden Sea and sheep on the dike

Road trip Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven, Butjadingen, Tossens, Wilhelmshaven, Horumersiel, Carolinensiel, Bensersiel, and Dornumersie, the Tideland and Wadden Sea,

A weekend in Prerow Fischland-Darß

Weekend road trip to Prerow, Fischland-Darß, the Baltic Sea, walks on the beaches and in the forest with beautiful landscapes, and the Naturfilmfestival

Road Trip to Masuria

Road trip with our camper van or RV to the Masurian lakes, Poland, wintertime, a campfire, and very cold weather,

Road Trip Denmark

Road trip along the coastline of Denmark, the Atlantic, and Baltic Sea, visited Ribe, Nordjütland, Jammerbugten, Lönstrup, Skagen, Hirtshals, Fyn.