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moroccan spiced aubergine in tomato sauce

Moroccan food is delicious. Try moroccan spiced aubergine in tomato sauce.


Travel GREEN

Travel GREEN and ECO friendly, polluted places, rivers; dirty beaches, garbage on campgrounds and trails when hiking; dead birds filled with plastic; and a Vegan lifestyle

Ückeritz – Usedom and great white empty beaches

Ückeritz, Usedom and great white empty beaches. a road trip to Usedom with our camper van or RV. places near by Zinnowitz, Peenestrom, Stettin, and a vegan BBQ

Fehmarn – watching the kite and windsurfers

Fehmarn, watching the kite and windsurfers. a road trip with camper van or RV. a campfire and BBQ, wind surfer and kite surfer,